Why do we need PrimarySpace?

Most young children enjoy learning about STEM, but a significant majority, especially girls, choose not to continue with STEM studies at secondary school. Part of the reason is that they can’t imagine themselves doing a future STEM-related job. Space has the power to capture the imagination of children and adults alike.

Much of today’s space education and outreach targets secondary school students and above. PrimarySpace aims to stimulate STEM curiosity and enthusiasm in primary age students, and to introduce them to people doing STEM-enabled space sector jobs – with the aim of preparing them to take maximum advantage of resources available at secondary and beyond. It also aims to build primary education teachers’ confidence in teaching STEM subjects and space topics.

PrimarySpace hopes is to plant a seed of STEM awareness and aspiration that will stay with children as they grow.

The UK Space sector employs some 40,000 people today and will need to double or triple that number over the next 10-20 years. By giving large numbers of primary school children, teachers and trainee teachers an unforgettable experience – meeting people who do space work and learning about space science and technology – we want to help inspire children to become the future scientists, engineers, technologists and space industry workers who will ensure the UK remains one of the leading spacefaring nations in the world.

-Katherine Courtney

Founder and Chair